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Milestones & History of the Canadoil Group

From its origins in Northern Italy in the1970s, the Canadoil Group has grown into a leading player in the international piping industry. We have evolved into the global supplier of comprehensive piping solutions, answering the stringent demands of the world's best engineering, oil, power, petrochemical, and environmental companies. Our continuous desire to exceed our customers' needs and expectations fuels both our international expansion as well our daily business practices. From North America to Asia, from Europe to South America, from the Middle East to Australia our people are committed to the same objective: to make piping the easiest part of our customers' complex projects.

Our Growth


Inception of Canadoil in Northern Italy and COVECO was established in Venezuela in 1974


Canadoil Forge was founded in Quebec, Canada.

Throughout the nineties and continuing to now, a network of sales offices was set up worldwide in several locations including New York, Italy, Bangkok, Tokyo, Dubai and Sydney to accompany the Group's international development.


CFC inc. was opened in Houston, USA as Canadoil's master distribution warehouse.


Canadoil Asia was established in Thailand to complete Canadoil global client' coverage


Thai Benkan became a member of the Canadoil Group complementing Canadoil Group's product range.


Canadoil Pipe started the manufacturing of large scale production of saw pipes.


Canadoil Coating was established as the strategic expansion into coating of line pipes through a JV with Bredero Shaw

2008  Acquired a 100% of Benkan Japan


GPS started production of CLAD piping in new state of the art robotized welding facility

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