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Canadoil Forge

Butt Welding Fittings from 16" to 102"
Barred Tees, Bends

Founded in 1982, Canadoil Forge is North America’s premier manufacturer of butt-weld pipe fittings. At Canadoil, our goal is quality throughout all stages of our production process, which has earned us the Lloyd’s Register’s ISO 9000 certification since 1994 and many other prestigious recognitions from industry associations. Located in Quebec - Canada, Canadoil produces a full range of butt-weld pipe fittings and specialty custom products.

We offer all products in materials ranging from WPB carbon steel and low temperature WPL6, to high yield grades (up to WPHY-100), low and high alloys such as WP5, WP11, WP22, WP91, Alloy 276, Alloy 400, Alloy 625, Alloy 825 and other nickel alloys, as well as stainless steel grades. We also specialize in clad materials of all grades. Our current production range includes all grades of fittings up to 102” as well as 3D elbows, crosses, headers, transition pups, and prefabricated pipeline components.

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